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FUTBOLISTAS IS PURA VIDA'S ELITE FINISHING SCHOOL FOR PLAYERS 14+.  Weekly private (1:1) or semi-private (2:1) technical, on-field training for players with 2009 birth years & older. Train privately or pair up with a training partner of your own choosing and book a standing weekly training session. 


PV's Head Coaches will create individualized, position-specific training plans to identify and attack your personal development goals. These high intensity technical sessions are focused on technique with total attention to detail. PV coaches will share video feedback for all 1:1 & 2:1 sessions.

12x weekly training sessions over 12x weeks. Schedule all your FUTBOLISTAS sessions online. For 2:1 sessions please coordinate with your partner to book all training dates together & kindly note your partner's name in the special notes field of each booking.


Private 1:1 sessions cost $100 per session. Semi-Private 2:1 sessions are $65 per session. Elect to pay in three equal monthly payments and book 4x weeks at a time, or request to pay the full program fee up front to book all 12x sessions and lock in your preferred weekly training times for the duration.


To sprinkle small group training into your FUTBOLISTAS diet, combine FUTBOLISTAS IQ training sessions with your privates. 6x 90 minute weekend sessions to book over 8 weeks. Emphasis on decision making + position specific tactics + applied technique + game situational play. Each 90 minute training session includes 60 minutes of Futbol IQ + 30 minutes of VELOZ futbol-specific speed mechanics. Technique + IQ = FUTBOLISTAS!


    +$50 Membership / Service Fee / Taxes
    12 Sessions - $100/session
    Valid for 3 months

    +$39 Membership / Service Fee / Taxes
    12 Sessions - $65/session
    Valid for 3 months
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