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PURE PERFORMANCE is Pura Vida Elite's Performance Training Department, led by Dr. Hilary Obert DPT,  Coach Nico Mendivil and consulting PT, Dr. Andy Masis.


We believe Performance Training is crucial for the development of an elite soccer player, not only to keep the athlete healthy and on the pitch but to optimize performance. “Research demonstrates that participation in elite youth sport alone, without the addition of supplementary physical training, fails to optimize athletic development.” Pura Vida shares a level of expertise in Performance which mirrors current professional soccer clubs around the world. 


Pura Vida places an emphasis on player individuality in Performance Training. Our players complete a Performance Assessment, consisting of a testing battery + a video recorded movement screen. These baseline metrics allow us to measure player progress over time. We design customized, soccer-specific training plans for your player which is sensitive to player age, skill-level and position.


Pura Vida’s Performance and Technical coaches communicate and collaborate to study players’ on-field actions and movement mechanics to improve movement efficiency, skills acquisition, and injury risk mitigation.

What are you waiting for? Book a PURE PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT now & get started!