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Welcome to Pura Vida Elite Training! Below you will learn how to create a Player Profile, purchase + schedule your training sessions. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at We look forward to training with you!

How do I sign up?

First step is to create a "Player Profile" by using this Create Your Player Profile link and following the prompts. During the process, you will create a username (email) and password. If you are registering siblings, please create separate accounts for each player. Additionally, you will check two boxes - Pura Vida's Training and Liability Waiver and our Video Release Form.  You will not be able to purchase or schedule sessions until you have created an active Player Profile. Please fill out each & every field!

How do I begin training with Pura Vida?

All new players must register for an initial 1-on-1 training session, which we call the First Pura Vida Experience. The 1st PV Experience is an hour long private training session designed for your player & family to get a taste of Pura Vida's training style, staff, facility & culture...and to decide if you would like more. If the answer is "Yes," then your next step will be Onboarding!

How do I begin Onboarding? 

For players new to Pura Vida, who have completed their First Pura Vida Experience, and who wish to join any of Pura Vida's Training Models, your next (required) step is to purchase & book your Onboarding package. This package of 4x private (1:1) or semi-private (2:1) on-field technical training sessions introduces new players to Pura Vida's foundational techniques & movements.


Onboarding is all about creating player familiarity with PV's training methods + building player confidence + allowing PV's coaching staff the opportunity to get to know a new member of PV's Familia. Whether you are bound for La Cantera or Futbolistas training models, Onboarding helps to identify ideal compatible peer training groups & partners for the smoothest transition into your desired Pura Vida training model!

What is La Cantera Development Training?

Pura Vida Elite's La Cantera Development Program is a holistic, membership-based training program.  La Cantera's curriculum focuses on Performance (movement mechanics, agility, speed & strength), Technical Skills, Soccer IQ & Mental Performance.

La Cantera's curriculum is designed to drive individual player development year-round, in concert with club soccer seasons. La Cantera players train in 6-player elite, peer-leveled groups. La Cantera delivers all of Pura Vida's unique futbol culture + professional coaching expertise in the most cost-effective development model possible!  


La Cantera members have full access to all of Pura Vida's supplemental private training options for added support in Technical skills, Performance, Nutrition, Mental Performance & Physical Therapy. 

What is Futbolistas?

Futbolistas is Pura Vida Elite's finishing school for players 14+.  Weekly private (1:1) or semi-private (2:1) technical, on-field training for players with 2009 birth years & older. Train privately or pair up with a training partner of your own choosing and book a standing weekly training session. 

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