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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

On November 1st, Pura Vida Elite will launch our first Membership-based Development Programs. Our PURA VIDA MEMBERSHIP will run for 6 months, from November 1st through April 29th. Our PURA VIDA MEMBERSHIP offers the same high-quality Technical & Performance Training as our La Cantera Membership, but in a less comprehensive development model, with a lower monthly cost and a single training session per week.  Players will also receive support in the areas of Mental Performance & Nutrition. Consistency is the single greatest driver of development, and this is a high-quality, cost-effective training model designed to drive and reward player consistency. 


PURA VIDA Members will train once per week, for two hours, in a small group format, with a maximum ratio of 6 players per coach. Players will be placed in player pools with compatible peers, based on skill level, age & training experience. These high-compete training groups will have the best of both worlds - personalized, individual instruction + elite peer competition.


Our PURA VIDA MEMBERSHIP will include all PV's unique ingredients: international futbol flavor; attention to detail; inclusive multi-club community; highly competitive peer groups; pre-school-to-pro mentorship; multi-disciplinary expertise; flexible scheduling.

The PURA VIDA curriculum includes futbol-specific Performance Training which is fully integrated with our Technical Training. Performance builds a foundation of athleticism (power, strength, speed & mobility) and optimizes movement mechanics to support the acquisition of technical skills at an accelerated pace and to mitigate athlete injury.​

Elite training is all about the details! Our staff draws upon decades of experience as Elite athletes, Elite trainers & Elite Physical Therapists (MLS, International Professional Leagues & college). 

PURA VIDA's 6-player group training format has evolved along with our athletes' need to apply their technical skill to further develop their Futbol IQ. While pure technique is a staple in PURA VIDA diet, applying that technique, under pressure, at game speed, developing reaction speed, on-field awareness & higher levels of decision making...that is Pura Vida Elite's higher calling. VAMOS!

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