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Why Pura Vida’s Chiqui-Ticos? 

  • SOCCER: We introduce the basics of soccer in a safe and fun environment, fostering a love and passion for the sport. 

  • SKILLS: Our program enhances essential life skills like teamwork, communication and coordination through engaging physical activity.

  • SPANISH: We incorporate Spanish language learning to give the children a head start in becoming bilingual.

  • SABOR!: Pura Vida’s Chiqui-Ticos shares all the Cultural Flavor of its Latin roots. 


What's included?

  • Thirty minute session led by our experienced multilingual coaches 

  • 10-week program

  • One session per week

  • $16 per player per session

  • Chiqui Ticos jersey! 

  • Fun and interactive soccer drills, games & songs

  • Basic Spanish language learning 

  • A flavorful cultural experience that your 'Tiny Littles' will love!

Exclusive FREE Chiqui-Ticos clinic for Daycares! 

Chiqui-Ticos is now on Tour en las escualitas! Choosing the richest activities for your Daycare means choosing the very best organizations to partner with. Pura Vida has trained thousands of players in Minnesota, ranging from toddlers to Pros. Our culturally diverse coaching staff has years of experience teaching futbol’s 'Tiny Littles' to love speaking Spanish while making the soccer ball smile! We want to share our love of futbol with you! Pura Vida is now offering an exclusive FREE clinic of our Chiqui-Ticos program. Please reach out to schedule a FREE Chiqui-Ticos clinic in your Daycare! 

Contact us directly at or call us at 612-444-5549

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